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Kathy TroccoliA Baby's Prayer
Kathy TroccoliA Different Road
Kathy TroccoliAll Glory To God
Kathy TroccoliAt Your Mercy
Kathy TroccoliBreak My Heart
Kathy TroccoliCall Out To Me
Kathy TroccoliEach Moment
Kathy TroccoliEverything Changes
Kathy TroccoliFaithful To Me
Kathy TroccoliFill My Heart
Kathy TroccoliGo Light Your World
Kathy TroccoliGoodbye For Now
Kathy TroccoliHallelujahs
Kathy TroccoliHe 'll Never Leave Me
Kathy TroccoliHe Will Make A Way
Kathy TroccoliHe'll Never Leave Me
Kathy TroccoliHelp Me God
Kathy TroccoliHelp Myself To You
Kathy TroccoliHoly, Holy
Kathy TroccoliHow Would I Know
Kathy TroccoliI Call Him Love
Kathy TroccoliI Want To Know What Love Is
Kathy TroccoliI Will Choose Christ
Kathy TroccoliIf I'm Not In Love
Kathy TroccoliIf I'm Not In Love With You
Kathy TroccoliLive For The Lord
Kathy TroccoliLove Has A Name
Kathy TroccoliLove Has Come
Kathy TroccoliLove One Another
Kathy TroccoliMissing You
Kathy TroccoliMy Life Is In Your Hands
Kathy TroccoliOnly Always
Kathy TroccoliParade
Kathy TroccoliPsalm 23
Kathy TroccoliSounds Of Heaven
Kathy TroccoliStubborn Love
Kathy TroccoliTell Me Where It Hurts
Kathy TroccoliWhen I Look At You