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Keith MurrayBam Bam Zee
Keith MurrayBom Bom Zee
Keith MurrayCandi Bar
Keith MurrayChild Of The Streets (Man Child)
Keith MurrayChristina
Keith MurrayCountdown
Keith MurrayDa Ba Dunk Song
Keith MurrayDanger
Keith MurrayDangerous Ground
Keith MurrayDip Dip Di
Keith MurrayEscapism
Keith MurrayGet Lifted
Keith MurrayHe's Back
Keith MurrayHerb Is Pumpin
Keith MurrayHot To Def
Keith MurrayHow's That?
Keith MurrayIncredible
Keith MurrayJungle Boogie
Keith MurrayLife On The Street
Keith MurrayLove L.O.D.
Keith MurrayManifique (Original Rules)
Keith MurrayMedia
Keith MurrayMy Life Featuring Deja Vu
Keith MurrayOn Smash (feat. Busta Rhymes & Kell Vicious)
Keith MurrayRadio
Keith MurrayRhymin' Wit Kel
Keith MurrayRide Wit Us
Keith MurraySay Whaatt (feat. Redman)
Keith MurraySecret Indictment
Keith MurraySlap Somebody
Keith MurraySome Shit
Keith MurrayStraight Loonie
Keith MurraySucka Free
Keith MurraySwagger Back
Keith MurraySychosymatic
Keith MurrayTake It To The Streets
Keith MurrayThe Carnage (feat. Joe Hooker)
Keith MurrayThe Most Beautifullest Thing In This World
Keith MurrayThe Rhyme
Keith MurrayTo My Mans
Keith MurrayWhat A Feelin'
Keith MurrayWhen I Rap
Keith MurrayWhut's Happenin'
Keith MurrayWhut's Happnin'
Keith MurrayWorld Be Free
Keith MurrayYeah Yeah U Know It (feat. Def Squad)