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Lacrimas Profundere...And How To Drown In Your Arms
Lacrimas Profundere2 SecAnd A Tear
Lacrimas ProfundereA Dead Man
Lacrimas ProfundereA Fairy 's Breath
Lacrimas ProfundereA Fairy's Breath
Lacrimas ProfundereA Pearl
Lacrimas ProfundereA Summer's End
Lacrimas ProfundereAdorer And Somebody
Lacrimas ProfundereAgain It's Over
Lacrimas ProfundereAmber Girl
Lacrimas ProfundereAmorous
Lacrimas ProfundereAn Irresistible Fault
Lacrimas ProfundereAn Orchid For My Withering Garden
Lacrimas ProfundereAnd God's Ocean
Lacrimas ProfundereAstronautumn
Lacrimas ProfundereAve End
Lacrimas ProfundereBlack
Lacrimas ProfundereBlack Swans
Lacrimas ProfundereBurn
Lacrimas ProfundereDear Amy
Lacrimas ProfundereDiotima
Lacrimas ProfundereEmbrace And The Eclipse
Lacrimas ProfundereEnchanted And In Silent Beauty
Lacrimas ProfundereEver
Lacrimas ProfundereFilthy Notes
Lacrimas ProfundereFor Bad Times
Lacrimas ProfundereHelplessness
Lacrimas ProfundereLilienmeer
Lacrimas ProfundereLullaby For A Weeping Girl
Lacrimas ProfundereMorning... Grey
Lacrimas ProfundereMy Mescaline
Lacrimas ProfundereMy Velvet Little Darkness
Lacrimas ProfundereNo Dear Hearts
Lacrimas ProfunderePriamus
Lacrimas ProfundereReminiscence
Lacrimas ProfundereSacrificial Lamb
Lacrimas ProfundereSarah Lou
Lacrimas ProfundereSear Me Pale Sun
Lacrimas ProfundereShort Glance
Lacrimas ProfundereSnow
Lacrimas ProfundereSolicitude, Silence
Lacrimas ProfundereSuicide Sun
Lacrimas ProfundereThe Beauty Of Who You Are
Lacrimas ProfundereThe Fate Of Equilibrium
Lacrimas ProfundereThe Gesture Of The Gist
Lacrimas ProfundereTo Bleed Or Not To Be
Lacrimas ProfundereUnder Your...
Lacrimas ProfundereVeins
Lacrimas ProfundereWake Down
Lacrimas ProfundereWe Shouldn't Be Here
Lacrimas ProfundereWhile
Lacrimas ProfundereWithout