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Latterman"I Decided Not To Do Them"
Latterman'Dozer Rage
Latterman83% Off Your Self-Esteem
LattermanAn Ode To Jon Contra, Part 2
LattermanDoom! Doom! Doom!
LattermanFear And Loathing On Long Island
LattermanFor Someone So Easy Going, You Sure Do Wear Pants A Lot
LattermanGoodmorning, Here Is Jan
LattermanHe's A Good Sposato (I Love Ya Blue-Blue)
LattermanIf Batman Was Real, He Would Have Beaten The Crap Out Of My Friends
LattermanKing Tough Is My New Idol
LattermanMumbled Words And Ridiculous Faces
LattermanMy Bedroom Is Like For Artists
LattermanMy Dreams About Not Sleeping Until 3pm
LattermanRebellion Vs. The Alarm Clock
LattermanThe Biggest Sausage Party Ever
LattermanThere's Never A Reason Not To Party
LattermanThere's No Way "Punk Was Meant To Be Done" (You Clown Doctor)
LattermanThis Basement Gives Me A Fucking Headache
LattermanThis Project Is Stagnant (Get It Out Of My Face)
LattermanToo Many Emo Days
LattermanVideo Games And Fantasy Novels Are Fucking Awesome!
LattermanWater Manes At The Block's End
LattermanWe Work The Night Shift
LattermanWe're Done For!
LattermanWill This Be On The Test?
LattermanYo, Get Into It
LattermanZombies Are Pissed