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Level 42Leaving Me Now
Level 42Lessons In Love
Level 42Something About You
Level 42It's Over
Level 42Coup D'Etat
Level 42Good Man In A Storm
Level 42Hot Water
Level 42It's Not The Same For Us
Level 42Lying Still
Level 42Physical Presence
Level 42The Chant Has Begun
Level 42World Machine
Level 42Billy 's Gone
Level 42The Bends
Level 42Play Me
Level 42The Sunbed Song
Level 42Past Lives
Level 42Don 't Bother Me
Level 42Romance
Level 42Time Will Heal
Level 42Learn To Say No
Level 42Forever Now
Level 42Model Friend
Level 42Love In A Peaceful World
Level 42One In A Million
Level 42Talking In Your Sleep
Level 42Heaven In My Hands
Level 42Love Games
Level 42Take A Look
Level 42To Be With You Again
Level 42Tracie
Level 42All Over You
Level 42Chinese Way
Level 42Lesson In Love
Level 42Starchild
Level 42Sun Goes Down (Livin' It Up)
Level 42Three Words
Level 42Tired Of Waiting
Level 42Why Are You Leaving