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Lita FordAces & Eights
Lita FordBack To The Cave
Lita FordBad Boy
Lita FordBad Love
Lita FordBig Gun
Lita FordBlack
Lita FordBlack Widow
Lita FordBlueberry
Lita FordBroken Dreams
Lita FordCan't Catch Me
Lita FordCherry Red
Lita FordClose My Eyes (W/Ozzy)
Lita FordClose My Eyes Forever
Lita FordClose Your Eyes Forever ( With Ozzy Osbourne)
Lita FordDancin' On The Edge
Lita FordDedication
Lita FordDie For Me Only (Black Widow)
Lita FordDon't Let Me Down Tonight
Lita FordDressed To Kill
Lita FordFall
Lita FordFalling In And Out Of Love
Lita FordFatal Passion
Lita FordFire In My Heart
Lita FordGotta Let Go
Lita FordHellbound Train
Lita FordHit 'n' Run
Lita FordHoly Man
Lita FordHungry
Lita FordI Can't Stand It
Lita FordIf You Can't Live With It
Lita FordJust A Feeling
Lita FordKiss Me Deadly
Lita FordLady Killer
Lita FordLarger Than Life
Lita FordLisa
Lita FordLittle Too Early
Lita FordLoverman
Lita FordOnly Women Bleed
Lita FordPlayin' With Fire
Lita FordReady, Willing, And Able
Lita FordRock 'n' Roll Made Me What I Am Today
Lita FordShot Of Poison
Lita FordStay With Me Baby
Lita FordStiletto
Lita FordStill Waitin'
Lita FordThe Ripper
Lita FordUnder The Gun
Lita FordWhat Do Ya Know About Love
Lita FordWhere Will I Find My Heart Tonight
Lita FordWhite Lightnin'