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Lou BegaGentleman
Lou BegaMambo Number Five
Lou Bega1+1=2
Lou BegaBaby Keep Smiling
Lou BegaBeauty On The TV Screen
Lou BegaI Gotta Girl
Lou BegaIcecream
Lou BegaMambo Mambo
Lou BegaThe Most Expensive Girl In The World
Lou BegaTricky Tricky
Lou BegaCan I Tico Tico You
Lou BegaBeauty on the tv-screen
Lou BegaMambo No. 5 (a little bit of ...)
Lou BegaTico Tico (can I ... )
Lou BegaTricky, tricky
Lou BegaMambo #5
Lou BegaBaby Keep Smilin '
Lou BegaI Got A Girl
Lou Bega1 1=2
Lou BegaAngelina
Lou BegaBehind Stage
Lou BegaCalling Her
Lou BegaClub Elitaire
Lou BegaGod Is A Woman
Lou BegaI Got A Girl (S-Kimo Mix)
Lou BegaJust A Gigolo
Lou BegaJust A Gigolo (I Ain't Got Nobody)
Lou BegaLady
Lou BegaLonely
Lou BegaLou's Caf
Lou BegaLou's Cafe
Lou BegaMambo Number 5
Lou BegaMoney
Lou BegaPeople Lovin' Me
Lou BegaThe Trumpet Part Ii
Lou BegaYou Are My Sunshine