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LoverboyAlmost Paradise
LoverboyAlways On My Mind
LoverboyBreak It To Me Gently
LoverboyBullet In The Chamber
LoverboyCan 't Get Much Better
LoverboyCan't Get Much Better Than This
LoverboyDestination Heartbreak
LoverboyDon 't Keep Me In The Dark
LoverboyDon 't Let Go
LoverboyEverybody's Working For The Weekend
LoverboyEverybodys Working For The Weekend
LoverboyFor You
LoverboyFor You ('89)
LoverboyFriday Night
LoverboyGangs In The Street
LoverboyHeaven In Your Eyes
LoverboyHometown Hero
LoverboyHot Girls In Love
LoverboyIt's Never Easy
LoverboyIt's Your Life
LoverboyLady Of The '80S
LoverboyLead A Double Life
LoverboyLittle Girl
LoverboyLovin' Every Minute Of It
LoverboyLucky Ones
LoverboyPrissy Prissy
LoverboyQueen Of The Broken Hearts
LoverboyRead My Lips
LoverboySteal The Thunder
LoverboyStrike Zone
LoverboyTake Me To The Top
LoverboyTeenage Overdose
LoverboyThat 's Where My Money Goes
LoverboyThe Kid Is Hot Tonight
LoverboyThe Kid Is Hot Tonite
LoverboyThis Could Be The Night
LoverboyToo Much Too Soon
LoverboyTurn Me Loose
LoverboyTurn Me Lose
LoverboyWalkin ' On Fire
LoverboyWalkin' On Fire
LoverboyWhen It's Over
LoverboyWorkin' For The Weekend
LoverboyWorking For The Weekend