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Luther Vandross'Til My Baby Comes Home
Luther VandrossA House Is Not A Home
Luther VandrossAin't No Stoppin' Us Now
Luther VandrossAll The Woman I Need
Luther VandrossAlways & Forever
Luther VandrossAlways And Forever
Luther VandrossAny Day Now
Luther VandrossAny Love
Luther VandrossApologize
Luther VandrossAre You Mad At Me
Luther VandrossAre You Mad At Me?
Luther VandrossAre You There (With Another Guy)
Luther VandrossAre You Using Me
Luther VandrossAre You Using Me?
Luther VandrossAt Christmas Time
Luther VandrossBring Your Heart To Mine
Luther VandrossBuy Me A Rose
Luther VandrossCan Heaven Wait
Luther VandrossCrazy Love
Luther VandrossCreepin'
Luther VandrossDance With My Father
Luther VandrossDon 't You Know That
Luther VandrossDon 't You Know That?
Luther VandrossDon't Wanna Be A Fool
Luther VandrossDon't Want To Be A Fool
Luther VandrossDream Lover
Luther VandrossEvergreen
Luther VandrossForever, For Always, For Love
Luther VandrossGive Me The Reason
Luther VandrossGoing In Circles
Luther VandrossGrown Thangs
Luther VandrossHearts Get Broken All The Time (But The Problem Is, This Time It 's Mine)
Luther VandrossHeaven Knows
Luther VandrossHello
Luther VandrossHere And Now
Luther VandrossHow Do I Tell Her
Luther VandrossHow Many Times Can We Say Goodbye (feat. Dionne Warwick)
Luther VandrossI Can Make It Better
Luther VandrossI Can't Wait No Longer (Let's Do This)
Luther VandrossI Know
Luther VandrossI'd Rather
Luther VandrossI'd Rather
Luther VandrossI'm Only Human
Luther VandrossIf I Didn 't Know Better
Luther VandrossIf I Was The One
Luther VandrossIf Only For One Night
Luther VandrossIf This World Were Mine
Luther VandrossImpossible Dream
Luther VandrossIsn 't There Someone
Luther VandrossIt 's Hard For Me To Say
Luther VandrossIt's All About You
Luther VandrossKeeping My Faith In You
Luther VandrossKilling Me Softly
Luther VandrossLet 's Make Tonight The Night
Luther VandrossLike I 'm Invisible
Luther VandrossLove Don 't Love You Anymore (TM 's Urban Mix)
Luther VandrossLove Forgot
Luther VandrossLove The One You 're With
Luther VandrossLove The One You're With
Luther VandrossLove Won 't Let Me Wait
Luther VandrossLove Won't Let Me Wait
Luther VandrossMy Favorite Things
Luther VandrossNever Too Much
Luther VandrossNobody To Love
Luther VandrossNow That I Have You
Luther VandrossOnce Were Lovers
Luther VandrossOne Night With You (Everyday Of Your Life)
Luther VandrossPower Of Love, Love Power
Luther VandrossReligion
Luther VandrossRight In The Middle
Luther VandrossSay It Now
Luther VandrossShe Saw You
Luther VandrossShe's A Super Lady
Luther VandrossSo Amazing
Luther VandrossStop To Love
Luther VandrossSugar And Spice
Luther VandrossSugar And Spice (I Found Me A Girl)
Luther VandrossSuperstar
Luther VandrossSuperstar / Until You Come Back To Me (That 's What I 'm Gonna Do)
Luther VandrossSuperStar/Until You Come Back To Me
Luther VandrossTake You Out
Luther VandrossThe Best Things In Life Are Free
Luther VandrossThe Closer I Get To You (feat. Beyonce Knowles)
Luther VandrossThe Impossible Dream
Luther VandrossThere's Nothing Better Than Love
Luther VandrossThey Said You Needed Me
Luther VandrossThink About You
Luther VandrossThis Time I 'm Right
Luther VandrossToo Proud To Beg
Luther VandrossTreat You Right
Luther VandrossWhat The World Needs Now
Luther VandrossWhen I Need You
Luther VandrossYou Stopped Loving Me
Luther VandrossYour Secret Love