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MacabreAlbert Fish Was Worse Than Any Fish In The Sea
MacabreAmbassador Hotel
MacabreApartment 213
MacabreBehind The Wall Of Sleep
MacabreBlood Bank
MacabreChristopher Scarver
MacabreDavid Brom Took An Axe
MacabreDog Guts
MacabreDorthea's Dead Folks Home
MacabreDrill Bit Lobotomy
MacabreEdmond Kemper Had A Horrible Temper
MacabreFatal Foot Fetish
MacabreFritz Haarmann The Butcher
MacabreGacy 's Lot
MacabreGrandmother's House
MacabreHarvey Glatman
MacabreHey Laurie Dann
MacabreHoward Unrah
MacabreI Need To Kill
MacabreIn The Army Now
MacabreInto The Toilet With You
MacabreIs It Soup Yet
MacabreIs It Soup Yet?
MacabreJack The Ripper
MacabreJeffrey Dahmer Blues
MacabreKilling Spree
MacabreMary Bell
MacabreMcMassacre (James Huberty)
MacabreMontreal Massacre
MacabreMorbid Minister
MacabreMr. Albert Fish
MacabreNight Stalker
MacabrePatrick Purdy Killed Five And Wounded Thirty
MacabreScrub A Dub Dub
MacabreSerial Killer
MacabreShotgun Peterson
MacabreSlaughter Thy Poser
MacabreSniper In The Sky
MacabreSon Of Sam
MacabreThe Boston Strangler
MacabreThe Hillside Stranglers
MacabreThe Iceman
MacabreThe Ted Bundy Song
MacabreThe Wstenfeld Man Eater
MacabreThere Was A Young Man Who Blew Up A Plane
MacabreTrampled To Death
MacabreVampire Of Dusseldorf
MacabreWerewolf Of Bedburg
MacabreWhat 's That Smell
MacabreWhat The Heck Richard Speck (Eight Nurses You Wrecked)
MacabreWhat The Heck Richard Speck; Eight Nurses You Wrecked!
MacabreWhat The Hell Did You Do
MacabreWhat The Hell Did You Do?
MacabreWhat's That Smell?
MacabreWhite Hen Decapitator
MacabreYou're Dying To Be With Me