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MacttusAnother Dimension
MacttusBringer Of Silence
MacttusBroken Dreams Of Death
MacttusComplexity In Vain
MacttusConcluding Act Of Violence
MacttusDance Of Might
MacttusDark Journey
MacttusDraped In Shadows Of Satan's Pride
MacttusEn Trone Vevd Av Tid
MacttusEpilogue-The Tale Of The Psychotic
MacttusIron Handed
MacttusKing Of The Dark Side
MacttusLanguage Of Disloyalty
MacttusMeasurement Of Discipline
MacttusMeasurment Of Discipline
MacttusOrnament Of Pettiness
MacttusProvenance Of Cruelty
MacttusSanctity In Murder
MacttusSanctity In Murdere
MacttusSleepless Souls
MacttusSnn Av Torden
MacttusSpeak The Word Of The Winds
MacttusThe Emperor's Trail
MacttusThe Passage (to The Kingdom Of No Return)
MacttusThe Whisperers
MacttusTo Distance Death From Life
MacttusWith Excellence...