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Magnitude 9After Tomorrow
Magnitude 9Afterlife
Magnitude 9Another World
Magnitude 9Changes
Magnitude 9Dead In Their Tracks
Magnitude 9Don't Say
Magnitude 9End Of Time
Magnitude 9Facing The Unknown
Magnitude 9Far Beyond Illusion
Magnitude 9Flight Of Icarus
Magnitude 9Into The Sun
Magnitude 9Keeper Of Your Soul
Magnitude 9Lies Within The Truth
Magnitude 9Lost Along The Way
Magnitude 9Mind Over Fear
Magnitude 9New Dimension
Magnitude 9No Turning Back
Magnitude 9Quiet Desperation
Magnitude 9Sands Of Time
Magnitude 9Secrets Within
Magnitude 9Temples Of Gold
Magnitude 9The End Of Days
Magnitude 9Thirty Days Of Night
Magnitude 9To Find A Reason
Magnitude 9Torn
Magnitude 9Voices
Magnitude 9Walk Through The Fire
Magnitude 9What My Eyes Have Seen
Magnitude 9Writings
Magnitude 9Y2K