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Margie BowesBaby's Back Again
Margie BowesBig City
Margie BowesBilly Christian
Margie BowesBreak My Mind
Margie BowesBroken Hearted Too
Margie BowesD-I-V-O-R-C-E
Margie BowesGatherin' Dust
Margie BowesGet Your Lie The Way You Want It
Margie BowesI'm Living In Two Worlds
Margie BowesIt's Enough To Make A Woman Lose Her Mind
Margie BowesLonesome Woman
Margie BowesLook Into My Teardrops
Margie BowesMaking Believe
Margie BowesOur Things
Margie BowesOver Night
Margie BowesRemembering
Margie BowesThat Completely Destroys My Plans
Margie BowesThere Goes My Everything
Margie BowesYou Ought To Hear Me Cry