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Master P17 Reasons
Master P211
Master P6 'n Tha Mornin'
Master PA Woman
Master PAfter Dollars No Cents
Master PAin't Nothing Changed
Master PAlways Come Back To You
Master PAlways Look A Man In The Eyes
Master PAnything Goes
Master PBack Against The Wall
Master PBangin'
Master PBasketball
Master PBastard Child
Master PBitch I Like
Master PBlack And White
Master PBloody Murder
Master PBoonapalist
Master PBounce That Azz
Master PBourbans And 'Llacs
Master PBourbons And Lacs
Master PBout It Bout It 2
Master PBout It Bout It (feat. Cam'ron)
Master PBout It, Bout It 2
Master PBout That Drama
Master PBreak 'Em Off Somethin'
Master PBreak Em Somethin
Master PBullets Got No Name
Master PCaptain Kirk
Master PCome And Get Something
Master PCommercial (Young Guns)
Master PCrazy Bout Ya
Master PDa Ballers
Master PDa Last Don
Master PDead Presidents
Master PDear Mr. President
Master PEternity
Master PEyes of a Killer
Master PEyes On Your Enemies
Master PFuck A Bitch Cause I'm Paid
Master PGangsta Bitch
Master PGangstas Need Love
Master PGet Yo Mind Right
Master PGet Your Paper
Master PGetaway Clean
Master PGhetto D
Master PGhetto Honeys
Master PGhetto in the Sky
Master PGhetto Life
Master PGhetto Love
Master PGhetto Prayer
Master PGoin' Through Some Thangs
Master PGoodbye To My Homies
Master PHalf On A Bag Of Dank
Master PHands Of A Dead Man
Master PHere We Go
Master PHit Em Up
Master PHoe Games
Master PHomie Ride
Master PHomies And Thuggs
Master PHook It Up
Master PHot Boys And Girls
Master PHow G's Ride
Master PHow To Be A Playa
Master PHow You Do That There
Master PHustlin'
Master PI Don 't
Master PI Don 't Give Ah What
Master PI Got That Dank
Master PI Got The Hook Up!
Master PI Miss My Homies
Master PI'm Bout It Bout It
Master PI'm Going Big Time
Master PIce Cream Man
Master PIce on My Wrist (Remix)
Master PIf I Could Change
Master PIs There A Heaven 4 A Gangsta
Master PJack Of The Jackers
Master PJust An Everyday Thang
Master PKenny's Dead
Master PLate Night Creepin'
Master PLet My 9 Get 'Em
Master PLet's Get 'Em
Master PLet's Get Em
Master PLife Ain't Easy
Master PLive Or Die
Master PLow Down & Dirty
Master PMade Niggaz
Master PMake Em Say Uhh
Master PMake Em' Say Uhh!
Master PMake Em' Say Uhhhh #2
Master PMama Raised Me
Master PMore 2 Life
Master PMr. Ice Cream Man
Master PMy Ghetto Heroes
Master PNever Ending Game
Master PNo Limit Party
Master PNo Limit Soldiers
Master PNo More Tears
Master PNobody Moves
Master POh Na Nae
Master POnly God Can Judge Me
Master POnly Time Will Tell
Master POoh Shit
Master POooHhhWwwEee
Master PPass Me Da Green
Master PPlan B
Master PPlaya 4 Life
Master PPlaya From Around The Way
Master PPlaya Haterz
Master PPlaya Wit Game
Master PPlayaz From The South
Master PPsycho Rhymes
Master PPure Uncut
Master PReturn of Da Don
Master PRide
Master PRobbery
Master PRock It
Master PRollin Thru My Hood
Master PRollin' the Dice
Master PSafe Sex
Master PSay Brah
Master PScream
Master PSellin' Ice Cream
Master PShoot 'Em Up
Master PSnitches
Master PSo Many Souls Deceased
Master PSoldiers, Riders and G's
Master PSome Jack
Master PSomethin for the Street
Master PSouljas
Master PStep to Dis
Master PStop Hatin
Master PStop Playing Wit Me
Master PTake It Outside
Master PThe Block
Master PThe Farm
Master PThe Ghetto Won't Change
Master PThe Ghetto's Got Me Trapped
Master PThe Ghetto's Tryin to Kill Me
Master PThem Jeans
Master PThese Streets Keep Me Rollin'
Master PThings Ain't What They Used to Be
Master PThinkin Bout U
Master PThrow Em Up
Master PThug Girl
Master PTill We Dead And Gone
Master PTime 2 Chill
Master PTime For a 187
Master PTime To Check My Crackhouse
Master PTrust Nobody
Master PTryin To Do Something
Master PTwerk That Thang
Master PWar Wounds
Master PWatch Deez Hoes
Master PWe Riders
Master PWeed and Money
Master PWelcome to My City
Master PWhat I 'm Bout
Master PWhat's Up With That
Master PWhen They Gone
Master PWhen They Gone (Radio)
Master PWhere Do We Go From Here
Master PWho Down to Ride
Master PWhy They Wanna See Me Dead (feat. Gambino Family)
Master PWith Me Part 2
Master PY'all Don't Know
Master PY'all Don't Want None
Master PYou Know I'm A Ho (feat. Ice Cube)