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Meat ShitsA.C. (Anal Cunt)
Meat ShitsAct Of Love
Meat ShitsAnal Quickie / Act Of Hate
Meat ShitsBathe In Holy Excrement
Meat ShitsBloodbath Cleansing
Meat ShitsBow To The Penis-God
Meat ShitsBulimic Excretion
Meat ShitsChildren Of Rape
Meat ShitsCocaine Cunt Numb
Meat ShitsCock-Rock Faggots
Meat ShitsCum On Your Fucking Face
Meat ShitsDepravity
Meat ShitsDisposal Of Human Garbage
Meat ShitsDon't Have A Nice Day
Meat ShitsEat My Fuck
Meat ShitsEcstasy Of Death
Meat ShitsEjaculation Evacuation
Meat ShitsElvis ... Is Still Dead
Meat ShitsExcrement Infection Of The Male Urethra
Meat ShitsF.B.M. (Fag Bashing Mania)
Meat ShitsFag Killer
Meat ShitsFinger Fuck Surprise
Meat ShitsFirst Blow-Job
Meat ShitsForbidden Fruit
Meat ShitsFornication
Meat ShitsHairless But Hard
Meat ShitsHermaphrodite Nightmare
Meat ShitsI Shit On Your Grave
Meat ShitsIgnorance... Is Bliss
Meat ShitsIn You ... I Cum
Meat ShitsIntelligence Refused
Meat ShitsManipulation Of Mankind
Meat ShitsMeat Rabbit
Meat ShitsMenstrual Blood Lust
Meat ShitsMental Midget
Meat ShitsOrgasmic Euphoria
Meat ShitsPerverted Vengeance
Meat ShitsPoor Feminine Hygiene
Meat ShitsRevenge On A World Full Of Cunts
Meat ShitsRunaway Sex-Slave
Meat ShitsSeptic Jesus
Meat ShitsShe Likes It Hard
Meat ShitsShe Never Says No
Meat ShitsStrenuous Fuck
Meat ShitsSurgically Removed Vagina
Meat ShitsThe Devil Made Me Do It
Meat ShitsThe End
Meat ShitsThere Is No God
Meat ShitsThree Way Fuck
Meat ShitsViolent Outburst Of Sodomy