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Melody ClubA Matter Of Days
Melody ClubAngeleyes
Melody ClubBaby
Melody ClubBlue Summer
Melody ClubBoys In The Girls' Room
Melody ClubBreakaway
Melody ClubCats In The Dark
Melody ClubColours
Melody ClubCovergirl
Melody ClubElectric
Melody ClubFever Fever Song
Melody ClubGolden Day
Melody ClubIn Motion
Melody ClubKilling A Boy
Melody ClubLet's Kill The Clockwork
Melody ClubLet's Celebrate
Melody ClubLet's Kill The Clockwork
Melody ClubLove Drive
Melody ClubMy Soft Return
Melody ClubPalace Station
Melody ClubPlay Me In Stereo
Melody ClubPut Your Arms Around Me
Melody ClubStranded Love
Melody ClubSummer Low
Melody ClubTake Me Away
Melody ClubTiger Love
Melody ClubTomorrow Is A Stranger
Melody ClubWildhearts
Melody ClubWinterland
Melody ClubWould You Even Like It