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Mercyful Fate9
Mercyful FateA Dangerous Meeting
Mercyful FateA Gruesome Time
Mercyful FateAt The Sound Of The Demon Bell
Mercyful FateBlack Funeral
Mercyful FateBuried Alive
Mercyful FateBurn In Hell
Mercyful FateChurch Of Saint Anne
Mercyful FateCome To The Sabbath
Mercyful FateCrossroads
Mercyful FateCurse Of The Pharaohs
Mercyful FateDead Again
Mercyful FateDesecration Of Souls
Mercyful FateEgypt
Mercyful FateFear
Mercyful FateHouse On The Hill
Mercyful FateInsane
Mercyful FateInto The Coven
Mercyful FateIs That You Melissa
Mercyful FateIs That You, Melissa
Mercyful FateKiss The Demon
Mercyful FateLast Rites
Mercyful FateLegend of the Headless Rider
Mercyful FateMandrake
Mercyful FateMelissa
Mercyful FateNight Of The Unborn
Mercyful FateNightmare
Mercyful FateReturn Of The Vampire 1993
Mercyful FateReturn of the Vampire...1993
Mercyful FateRoom Of Golden Air
Mercyful FateSatan 's Fall
Mercyful FateShadows
Mercyful FateSince Forever
Mercyful FateSold My Soul
Mercyful FateSucking Your Blood
Mercyful FateThe Bell Witch
Mercyful FateThe Grave
Mercyful FateThe Lady Who Cries
Mercyful FateThe Night
Mercyful FateThe Oath
Mercyful FateThe Old Oak
Mercyful FateThirteen Invitations
Mercyful FateTorture (1629)
Mercyful FateWelcome Princess Of Hell