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Metal ChurchA Subtle War
Metal ChurchAgent Green
Metal ChurchBadlands
Metal ChurchBattalions
Metal ChurchBetrayed
Metal ChurchBeyond The Black
Metal ChurchBurial At Sea
Metal ChurchCannot Tell A Lie
Metal ChurchConductor
Metal ChurchDate With Poverty
Metal ChurchDown To The River
Metal ChurchEnd Of The Age
Metal ChurchFake Healer
Metal ChurchFlee From Reality
Metal ChurchGods Of Second Chance
Metal ChurchGods Of Wrath
Metal ChurchHighway Star
Metal ChurchHitman
Metal ChurchHuman Factor
Metal ChurchHypnotized
Metal ChurchIn Due Time
Metal ChurchIn Harm 's Way
Metal ChurchIn Mourning
Metal ChurchIn The Blood
Metal ChurchLine Of Death
Metal ChurchLittle Boy
Metal ChurchLosers In The Game
Metal ChurchMetal Church
Metal ChurchMethod To Your Madness
Metal ChurchNo Friend Of Mine
Metal ChurchOf Unsound Mind
Metal ChurchOver My Dead Body
Metal ChurchPsycho
Metal ChurchRest In Piece
Metal ChurchStart The Fire
Metal ChurchThe Dark
Metal ChurchThe End Of The Age
Metal ChurchThe Fight Song
Metal ChurchThe Final Word
Metal ChurchThe Human Factor
Metal ChurchThe Powers That Be
Metal ChurchThe Spell Can 't Be Broken
Metal ChurchTon Of Bricks
Metal ChurchWaiting For A Savior
Metal ChurchWatch The Children Pray
Metal ChurchWestern Alliance
Metal ChurchAll Your Sorrows
Metal ChurchBlood Money
Metal ChurchKiss For The Dead
Metal ChurchRest In Pieces (April 15, 1912)
Metal ChurchThe Spelll Can't Be Broken
Metal ChurchThey Signed In Blood