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Methods of MayhemAnger Management
Methods of MayhemCrash
Methods of MayhemGet Naked
Methods Of MayhemGet Naked [Filthy Version]
Methods of MayhemHYPOCRITCAL
Methods of MayhemHypocritical
Methods Of MayhemLovercall
Methods of MayhemMetamorphosis
Methods Of MayhemMetamorphosis (f/Scott Kirkland)
Methods of MayhemMr. Onsomeothershits
Methods of MayhemNarcotic
Methods Of MayhemNarcotic (feat. Scott Kirkland)
Methods of MayhemNew Skin
Methods Of MayhemNew Skin (feat. Kid Rock)
Methods of MayhemProposition Fuck You
Methods Of MayhemProposition Fuck You (f/Filthee Immigrants)
Methods Of MayhemProposition Fuck You (feat. Filthee Immigrants)
Methods Of MayhemSpun
Methods of MayhemWHO THE HELL CARES?