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Michael CardAbba Father
Michael CardArise My Love
Michael CardBy Your Name
Michael CardCarmen Christi
Michael CardCome To The Table
Michael CardCould It Be
Michael CardCross Of Glory
Michael CardCrown Him
Michael CardDon 't You Know
Michael CardDragonslayer
Michael CardEl Shaddai
Michael CardFace The Light
Michael CardFan The Flame
Michael CardGod Will Provide A Lamb
Michael CardGods Own Fool
Michael CardHe Was Heard
Michael CardHound Of Heaven
Michael CardI Have Decided
Michael CardIn Stillness And Simplicity
Michael CardIn The Garden
Michael CardJacobs Star
Michael CardJesus Let Us Come To Know You
Michael CardJoseph 's Song
Michael CardJoy In The Journey
Michael CardKnow You In The Now
Michael CardKnown By The Scars
Michael CardLight Of The World
Michael CardLive This Mystery
Michael CardLivin ' We Die
Michael CardLove Crucified Arose
Michael CardMaranatha
Michael CardNo Rusty Swords
Michael CardNow That I 've Held Him In My Arms
Michael CardOverture Of The Trilogy
Michael CardRide On To Die
Michael CardScandalon
Michael CardStranger On The Shore
Michael CardTell The World That Jesus Loves You
Michael CardThat 's What Faith Must Be
Michael CardThe Gentle Healer
Michael CardThe Lamb Is Lion
Michael CardThe Voice Of The Child
Michael CardThe Way Of Wisdom
Michael CardThen They Will Know
Michael CardThey Called Him Laughter
Michael CardThis Must Be The Lamb
Michael CardTraitor 's Look
Michael CardWhat Will It Take
Michael CardWhy
Michael CardA Face That Shone
Michael CardAsleep On Holy Ground
Michael CardCelebrate The Child
Michael CardDistressing Disguise
Michael CardForgiving Eyes
Michael CardGod Will Provide A Lamb (Abraham)
Michael CardGod's Own Fool
Michael CardI Will Bring You Home
Michael CardImmanuel
Michael CardJacob's Star
Michael CardJesus Loves Me
Michael CardJoseph's Song
Michael CardJubilee
Michael CardNow That I've Held Him In My Arms
Michael CardSunrise Of Your Smile
Michael CardTell The World That Jesus Loves You (reprise)
Michael CardThat's What Faith Must Be
Michael CardThe Beginning
Michael CardThe Final Word
Michael CardThe Lamb Is A Lion
Michael CardThe Nazarene
Michael CardThe Promise
Michael CardThe Prophet
Michael CardThe Wedding
Michael CardThe Word
Michael CardThings We Leave Behind
Michael CardTo The Mystery