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Michael TomlinsonAll Is Clear
Michael TomlinsonAll Love For Good
Michael TomlinsonAlways Warming Me
Michael TomlinsonAngelenos
Michael TomlinsonAsphalt Dream
Michael TomlinsonBeating Of My Heart
Michael TomlinsonBlue Eyes
Michael TomlinsonBreathe In Again
Michael TomlinsonBy A Friend
Michael TomlinsonDawning On A New Day
Michael TomlinsonDon 't Know When
Michael TomlinsonEarth Roll On
Michael TomlinsonEverything I 've Learned Is Going To Change
Michael TomlinsonEverything We Need
Michael TomlinsonFor Old Times
Michael TomlinsonGettin ' Gone
Michael TomlinsonHighway Rain
Michael TomlinsonI Knew You Well
Michael TomlinsonI Might Be Dreaming
Michael TomlinsonI Will Not Pass You By
Michael TomlinsonI 've Got Dreams
Michael TomlinsonIn My Dream
Michael TomlinsonLet Love In
Michael TomlinsonLet Us Dream
Michael TomlinsonLight For Tomorrow
Michael TomlinsonLight Of Love
Michael TomlinsonLive Again
Michael TomlinsonLiving Here
Michael TomlinsonLiving Things
Michael TomlinsonLover Of The World
Michael TomlinsonLover 's Eyes
Michael TomlinsonMake It This Way
Michael TomlinsonNo Bad Dreams
Michael TomlinsonRaining Away
Michael TomlinsonRiver Alive
Michael TomlinsonRocks And Water
Michael TomlinsonRun Like The River Runs
Michael TomlinsonRun With Me
Michael TomlinsonSafe At Home
Michael TomlinsonSo Alive
Michael TomlinsonSo Long Garden Dream
Michael TomlinsonStill Believe
Michael TomlinsonSuch Good Friends
Michael TomlinsonSunlight
Michael TomlinsonTake The Breath
Michael TomlinsonThe Way We 're Going
Michael TomlinsonThings That Angels Say
Michael TomlinsonWaves
Michael TomlinsonWhy We 're Here
Michael TomlinsonYears
Michael TomlinsonYellow Windows
Michael TomlinsonWhy We're Here
Michael TomlinsonThe Way We're Going
Michael TomlinsonLover's Eyes
Michael TomlinsonI've Got Dreams
Michael TomlinsonGettin' Gone
Michael TomlinsonEverything I've Learned Is Going To Change
Michael TomlinsonDon't Know When