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MidtownA Faulty Foundation
MidtownAnother Boy
MidtownBecome What You Hate
MidtownCome On
MidtownEasy Way Out
MidtownEmpty Like The Ocean
MidtownFind Comfort In Yourself
MidtownFrayed Ends
MidtownFraying All The Ends
MidtownGet It Together
MidtownGive It Up
MidtownGod Is Dead
MidtownHelp Me Sleep
MidtownHey Baby, Don 't You Know That We 're All Whores?
MidtownIn The Songs
MidtownIs It Me, Is It True?
MidtownJust Rock & Roll
MidtownJust Rock And Roll
MidtownJust Rock N Roll
MidtownKnew It All Along
MidtownLet Go
MidtownLet Go (Remix)
MidtownLike a Movie
MidtownLiving in Spite
MidtownMake This Right
MidtownNo Place Feels Like Home
MidtownNothing Is Ever What It Seems
MidtownOne Last Time
MidtownResting Sound
MidtownSacrifice of Life
MidtownSo Long As We Keep Our Bodies Numb We 're Safe
MidtownStill Trying
MidtownSuch A Person
MidtownThere 's No Going Back
MidtownTheres No Going Back
MidtownTo Our Savior
MidtownTo Our Saviour
MidtownUntil It Kills
MidtownWaiting For The News
MidtownWe Bring Us Down
MidtownWhole New World
MidtownWhole New World/God Is Dead
MidtownYou Should Know
MidtownYour Love