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Mike OldfieldAltered State
Mike OldfieldCrime Of Passion
Mike OldfieldCrisis
Mike OldfieldCrystal Gazing
Mike OldfieldDark Island
Mike OldfieldDiscovery
Mike OldfieldDu
Mike OldfieldFamily Man
Mike OldfieldFar Above The Clouds
Mike OldfieldFive Miles Out
Mike OldfieldFlying Start
Mike OldfieldForeign affair
Mike OldfieldHigh places
Mike OldfieldIncantation, Part 4
Mike OldfieldIslands
Mike OldfieldMagic Touch
Mike OldfieldMan In The Rain
Mike OldfieldMoonlight shadow
Mike OldfieldMoonlight Shadow (Extended)
Mike OldfieldMoonlight Shadow (Single Version)
Mike OldfieldNorthpoint
Mike OldfieldOmmadawn (12 Bar Blues)
Mike OldfieldOn Horseback
Mike OldfieldOrabidoo
Mike OldfieldPeace On Earth
Mike OldfieldPictures In The Dark
Mike OldfieldPoison Arrows
Mike OldfieldSailor's Hornpipe
Mike OldfieldSaved By A Bell
Mike OldfieldShadow on the wall
Mike OldfieldShine (extended Version)
Mike OldfieldTalk About Your Life
Mike OldfieldThe Time Has Come
Mike OldfieldTo Be Free
Mike OldfieldTo France
Mike OldfieldTricks Of The Light
Mike OldfieldWhen The Night 's On Fire