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Misery IndexAlive?
Misery IndexAngst Isst Die Seele Auf
Misery IndexBirth Of Ignorance
Misery IndexBlood On Their Hands
Misery IndexBottom Feeders
Misery IndexDead Shall Rise
Misery IndexDefector (Thining The Herd)
Misery IndexDemand The Impossible
Misery IndexDissent Part 1. Sheep And Wolves
Misery IndexDissent Part 2. Exception To The Ruled
Misery IndexDissent Part 3. The Imperial Ambition
Misery IndexDissent Part 4. Multipy By Fire
Misery IndexHistory Is Rotten
Misery IndexManufacturing Greed
Misery IndexMy Untold Apocalypse
Misery IndexOrder Upheld/Dissent Dissolved
Misery IndexPanopticon
Misery IndexPulling Out The Nails
Misery IndexReality Distortion
Misery IndexRetailiate
Misery IndexServants Of Progress
Misery IndexThe Great Depression
Misery IndexThe Lies That Bind
Misery IndexThe Living Shall Envy The Dead
Misery IndexThe Unbridgeable Chasm
Misery IndexYour Pain Is Nothing