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Mixed EmotionsAfraid Of Letting Go
Mixed EmotionsBring Back (Sha Na Na)
Mixed EmotionsCome Home To Me
Mixed EmotionsHi-fidelity
Mixed EmotionsI Miss You
Mixed EmotionsI Never Give Up
Mixed EmotionsJust For You
Mixed EmotionsMove On
Mixed EmotionsPhoenix From The Fire
Mixed EmotionsSay Youre Sorry
Mixed EmotionsShe Doesnt Need Saving
Mixed EmotionsSin-cerity
Mixed EmotionsSweetheart - Darlin ' - My Deer
Mixed EmotionsSweetheart - Darlin' - My Deer
Mixed EmotionsTalk To Me
Mixed EmotionsTick-tock
Mixed EmotionsTime To Fall
Mixed EmotionsWe Found A Place
Mixed EmotionsYou Want Love
Mixed EmotionsYou Want Love (Maria Maria)