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MorifadeA Northern Rhyme
MorifadeAncient Prophecy
MorifadeAs Time Decide
MorifadeBaptized In Fire
MorifadeCast A Spell
MorifadeDance With The Devil
MorifadeDark Images
MorifadeDistant World
MorifadeEnding Of Time
MorifadeEnter The Past
MorifadeFire & Ice
MorifadeIn Martyria
MorifadeLeave It All Behind
MorifadeLost Within A Shade
MorifadeMy Own Majesty
MorifadePossession Of Power
MorifadeRevive For A While
MorifadeRevive For Awhile
MorifadeRising Higher
MorifadeStarlit Sky
MorifadeThe Enemy Within
MorifadeThe Hourglass
MorifadeThe Secrecy
MorifadeThe Signs
MorifadeThe Vision And The Temple
MorifadeTo Live Forever
MorifadeTomorrow Knows
MorifadeWhispering Voices
MorifadeWorld Of Steel