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Morten AbelAll Or Nothing
Morten AbelBe My Lover
Morten AbelBirmingham Ho
Morten AbelBirmingham Ho 2
Morten AbelByen
Morten AbelCries Just Like A Baby
Morten AbelDad's Girl
Morten AbelDied In Germany
Morten AbelDoberman
Morten AbelDon't Forget Me
Morten AbelDon't Forget Me
Morten AbelDon't Forget To Dance
Morten AbelDude Of All Dudes
Morten AbelElephant Man
Morten AbelFine Italian Shoes
Morten AbelGet Up
Morten AbelGravedigging
Morten AbelHard To Stay Awake
Morten AbelHelicopter
Morten AbelI'll Come Back And Love You Forever
Morten AbelIndian Volvo
Morten AbelKeep Yourself In Motion
Morten AbelLater Maybe
Morten AbelLeave Her For You
Morten AbelLydia
Morten AbelMusic Is Communicating
Morten AbelNot Emotional
Morten AbelOur Day's Coming
Morten AbelOur Love Is Deep
Morten AbelSo Be It
Morten AbelStay Crazy
Morten AbelThe Man With No Shadow
Morten AbelTore Tang
Morten AbelTrendsetter
Morten AbelTulipz
Morten AbelVariations On A Dead Swan
Morten AbelWelcome Home
Morten AbelWinterland
Morten Abelyou are beautiful
Morten AbelYou Are The One La La La
Morten AbelYou Are The One LaLaLa