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Mucky PupA Boy In A Man's World
Mucky PupA Headbanger's Balls & 120 Minutes
Mucky PupA Headbangers Ball & 120 Minutes
Mucky PupAll's Cool
Mucky PupBaby
Mucky PupBatman
Mucky PupBeautiful People
Mucky PupBig Freeze
Mucky PupCarter Farmer
Mucky PupConfessions
Mucky PupDeath By Cholesterol
Mucky PupDeja Vu
Mucky PupFeeling Sick
Mucky PupHippies Hate Water
Mucky PupHotel Penitentiary
Mucky PupI Know Nobody
Mucky PupI've Got A Plan
Mucky PupIf Wishes Were Fishes
Mucky PupJail
Mucky PupJimmys
Mucky PupJunkie Eyes
Mucky PupLandscrapers
Mucky PupLittle Pigs
Mucky PupMessed Up
Mucky PupMountain Song
Mucky PupMucky Pumpin ' Beat
Mucky PupMucky Pumpin' Beat
Mucky PupMy Hands, Your Neck
Mucky PupNever Again
Mucky PupOwn Up For What You Say
Mucky PupP.T.L.
Mucky PupReagan Knew
Mucky PupShe Quieffed
Mucky PupShort Attention Span
Mucky PupSomeday
Mucky PupStraightman
Mucky PupThe T.V.'s On Fire
Mucky PupThis Ain't Workin'
Mucky PupThree Dead Gophers
Mucky PupThree Sides
Mucky PupTo Be Lonely
Mucky PupTwo Little Men
Mucky PupWalkin' With The Devil
Mucky PupWalking With The Devil
Mucky PupWhasky Wabbit
Mucky PupWhy Can't You Be More Like Your Picture
Mucky PupYesterdays
Mucky PupYou Know
Mucky PupYou Stink But I Love You
Mucky PupYou're Gonna Get It