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Mustard PlugAlone
Mustard PlugAlready Gone
Mustard PlugAverage Guy
Mustard PlugAverage Guy (7-11Man)
Mustard PlugAway From Here
Mustard PlugBeer (Song)
Mustard PlugBeer Song
Mustard PlugBox
Mustard PlugBrain On Ska
Mustard PlugDressed Up
Mustard PlugEverything Girl
Mustard PlugGet It Goin ' On
Mustard PlugGet It Goin' On
Mustard PlugGo
Mustard PlugGrow Up
Mustard PlugGum
Mustard PlugIn Your Face
Mustard PlugInsomnia
Mustard PlugJerry
Mustard PlugJust a Minute
Mustard PlugLast Night
Mustard PlugLolita
Mustard PlugMend Your Ways
Mustard PlugMendoza
Mustard PlugMiss Michigan
Mustard PlugMr.
Mustard PlugMr. Smiley
Mustard PlugMurder In The Tulip City
Mustard PlugMurder In Tulip City
Mustard PlugNever Be
Mustard PlugNo One But Myself
Mustard PlugNot Again
Mustard PlugNot Enough
Mustard PlugNot Giving In
Mustard PlugOn And On
Mustard PlugPark
Mustard PlugPick-Pocket Man
Mustard PlugReal Rat Bastard
Mustard PlugSadie May
Mustard PlugSafe
Mustard PlugSchoolboy
Mustard PlugSend You Back
Mustard PlugSkank By Numbers
Mustard PlugSo Far To Go
Mustard PlugSomeday,
Mustard PlugSorry Now
Mustard PlugSuburban Homesick Blues
Mustard PlugSweet Potato
Mustard PlugThe Freshman
Mustard PlugThigh High Nylons
Mustard PlugThrow A Bomb
Mustard PlugTime To Wake Up
Mustard PlugTime Will Come
Mustard PlugTo Be
Mustard PlugToo Stoopid
Mustard PlugWe 're Gunna Take On The World
Mustard PlugWe Want The Mustard
Mustard PlugYesterday
Mustard PlugYou