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My Soul2 Minutes &; 21 Seconds Of Funk
My SoulAlways
My SoulC U When U Get There
My SoulCan U Dig It
My SoulCoffee In Bed
My SoulHate To Love You
My SoulHit em
My SoulHomeboy
My SoulI Give, You Take
My SoulInterlude
My SoulIntoxicated
My SoulKnight Fall
My SoulLets Do It
My SoulLonely
My SoulMiss You
My SoulMy Soul
My SoulNature Of The Business
My SoulNowadays
My SoulOne Mo
My SoulOoh La La
My SoulSimplified
My SoulThe Devil Is Dope
My SoulThrowdown 2000
My SoulWeakness
My SoulYou, Me And She