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Natalie MerchantAll I Want
Natalie MerchantBeloved Wife
Natalie MerchantBreak Your Heart
Natalie MerchantBury Me Under The Weeping Willow (live)
Natalie MerchantBut Not For Me
Natalie MerchantCarnival
Natalie MerchantChildren Go Where I Send Thee
Natalie MerchantCome Take A Trip In My Airship
Natalie MerchantCowboy Romance
Natalie MerchantEffigy
Natalie MerchantFrozen Charlotte
Natalie MerchantGenerous
Natalie MerchantHow You've Grown
Natalie MerchantI May Know The Word
Natalie MerchantJealousy
Natalie MerchantKind And Generous
Natalie MerchantKing Of May
Natalie MerchantLife Is Sweet
Natalie MerchantMotherland
Natalie MerchantMy Skin
Natalie MerchantOld Gospel Melody
Natalie MerchantOne Fine Day
Natalie MerchantOphelia
Natalie MerchantPoor Wayfaring Stranger
Natalie MerchantRiver
Natalie MerchantSally Ann
Natalie MerchantSan Andreas Fault
Natalie MerchantSeven Years
Natalie MerchantSoldier Soldier
Natalie MerchantThe Last Goodbye
Natalie MerchantThe Letter
Natalie MerchantThe Living
Natalie MerchantThick As Thieves
Natalie MerchantWhen They Ring The Golden Bells
Natalie MerchantWhere I Go
Natalie MerchantWhich Side Are You On?
Natalie MerchantWonder