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Nelly Furtado.... On The Radio (Remember The Days) (LP Version)
Nelly Furtado....On The Radio (Remember th
Nelly FurtadoAll Good Things (Come To An End)
Nelly FurtadoBaby Girl
Nelly FurtadoBuild You Up
Nelly FurtadoChildhood Dreams
Nelly FurtadoEn Las Manos De Dios (In God's Hands - Spanish Version)
Nelly FurtadoExplode
Nelly FurtadoForca
Nelly FurtadoForga
Nelly FurtadoFresh Off The Boat
Nelly FurtadoGive It To Me
Nelly FurtadoHey Man
Nelly FurtadoHey, Man
Nelly FurtadoHey, Man!
Nelly FurtadoI Feel You (feat. Esthero)
Nelly FurtadoI Will Make U Cry
Nelly FurtadoI Will Make You Cry
Nelly FurtadoI'm Like A Bird
Nelly FurtadoIm Like a Bird
Nelly FurtadoIn God's Hands
Nelly FurtadoIntro For Wait For You/Wait For You
Nelly FurtadoIsland Of Wonder
Nelly FurtadoIsland Of Wonder (feat. Caetano Veloso)
Nelly FurtadoLegend
Nelly FurtadoManeater
Nelly FurtadoManeater (Remix)
Nelly FurtadoManos A L'aire
Nelly FurtadoMy love Grows Deeper
Nelly FurtadoMy Love Grows Deeper Part 1
Nelly FurtadoOn The Radio (Remember the Da
Nelly FurtadoOn The Radio (Remember The Days)
Nelly FurtadoOnde Estas
Nelly FurtadoOnde Ests
Nelly FurtadoOne-Trick Pony
Nelly FurtadoParty
Nelly FurtadoPicture Perfect
Nelly FurtadoPowerless
Nelly FurtadoPowerless (Say What You Want)
Nelly FurtadoPowerless (Say What You Want) Remix
Nelly FurtadoPromiscuous Girl
Nelly FurtadoQuando, Quando, Quando
Nelly FurtadoSaturdays
Nelly FurtadoSay It Right
Nelly FurtadoScared Of You
Nelly FurtadoShit On The Radio
Nelly FurtadoShit on the Radio (Remember the Days)
Nelly FurtadoTe Busque
Nelly FurtadoTe Busque (Full Spanish Version)
Nelly FurtadoTe Busque (Spanish Version)
Nelly FurtadoThe Grass Is Green
Nelly FurtadoTry
Nelly FurtadoTrynna Finda Way
Nelly FurtadoTurn Off The Light
Nelly FurtadoTurn off the Lights
Nelly FurtadoTurn Off The Lights (Timberland Remix)
Nelly FurtadoWait For You
Nelly FurtadoWell Well
Nelly FurtadoWell, Well
Nelly FurtadoWhat I Like About U