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Nikki LeontiCount On Me
Nikki LeontiEverlasting Place
Nikki LeontiEvery Moment
Nikki LeontiI Need You
Nikki LeontiIt Will Come To You
Nikki LeontiIt'll Be Alright
Nikki LeontiLetting Go
Nikki LeontiLove Is All I Need
Nikki LeontiLove One Another
Nikki LeontiMy Hope Is In Heaven
Nikki LeontiNow I Believe In Miracles
Nikki LeontiOne World
Nikki LeontiShelter Me
Nikki LeontiShoelaces
Nikki LeontiSo, Don't Worry
Nikki LeontiThe Direction Of You
Nikki LeontiTil I See You Again
Nikki LeontiWhat You Did For Me
Nikki LeontiYou Won't Leave