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Nilsson HarryAmbush, Nilsson Schmillson
Nilsson HarryEverybody's Talking
Nilsson HarryGotta Get Up
Nilsson HarryHow Can I Be Sure
Nilsson HarryI Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City
Nilsson HarryJump Into The Fire
Nilsson HarryNobody Cares About The Railroad Anymore
Nilsson HarryOne (Is The Loneliest Number)
Nilsson HarryPov Waltz
Nilsson HarryPut The Lime In The Coconut
Nilsson HarryRemember
Nilsson HarryThe Lottery Song
Nilsson HarryThe Most Beautiful World In The World
Nilsson HarryThe Puppy Song
Nilsson HarryWithout You