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NoctuaryA Tear 's Descent From Heaven
NoctuaryA Tears Descent From Heaven
NoctuaryAnd Hate Embraced This Night
NoctuaryAt Journey 's End
NoctuaryAt Journeys End
NoctuaryBlack Angels Return
NoctuaryBlack Bleeding Soul
NoctuaryCast Into The Brooding Shadow
NoctuaryClouds Donning The Black Sky
NoctuaryConsumed By Fear
NoctuaryEternal Nightmare
NoctuaryFor Salvation
NoctuaryForever Shrouded Within This World
NoctuaryForever Silent
NoctuaryFrom Ashes We Rise
NoctuaryFuneral Ceremony
NoctuaryHis Majesty Of The Shadows
NoctuaryJourney To The Lost Kingdom
NoctuaryLegions March Unto Earthly Realms
NoctuaryLost In Illusions
NoctuarySorrow In Winter Darkness
NoctuaryThe Once Forgotten Past
NoctuaryVengeance Before Valor
NoctuaryWhere All Agony Prevails