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Nocturnal RitesAfterlife
Nocturnal RitesAgainst The World
Nocturnal RitesAvalon
Nocturnal RitesAwakening
Nocturnal RitesBirth Of Chaos
Nocturnal RitesBlack Death
Nocturnal RitesBreak Away
Nocturnal RitesBurn In Hell
Nocturnal RitesChange The World
Nocturnal RitesCuts Like A Knife
Nocturnal RitesDark Secret
Nocturnal RitesDawnspell
Nocturnal RitesDeliverance
Nocturnal RitesDestiny Calls
Nocturnal RitesDragonisle
Nocturnal RitesEgyptica
Nocturnal RitesEnd Of Days
Nocturnal RitesEnd Of The World
Nocturnal RitesEternity Holds
Nocturnal RitesEye Of The Demon
Nocturnal RitesEyes Of The Dead
Nocturnal RitesFaceless God
Nocturnal RitesFire Comes To Ice
Nocturnal RitesFools Never Die
Nocturnal RitesFree At Last
Nocturnal RitesGenetic Distortion Sequence
Nocturnal RitesGenetic Distortion Sequnce
Nocturnal RitesGlorious
Nocturnal RitesGlorius
Nocturnal RitesHell And Back
Nocturnal RitesHellennium
Nocturnal RitesHold On To The Flame
Nocturnal RitesIn A Time Of Blood And Fire
Nocturnal RitesInvincible
Nocturnal RitesLay Of Ennui
Nocturnal RitesLost In Time
Nocturnal RitesNever Die
Nocturnal RitesNever Ending
Nocturnal RitesNew World Messiah
Nocturnal RitesNightmare
Nocturnal RitesOne By One
Nocturnal RitesOne Nation
Nocturnal RitesPentagram
Nocturnal RitesRest In Peace
Nocturnal RitesRevelation
Nocturnal RitesRide On
Nocturnal RitesRing Of Steel
Nocturnal RitesSacrifice
Nocturnal RitesShadowland
Nocturnal RitesSkyline Flame
Nocturnal RitesSomething Undefined
Nocturnal RitesStill Alive
Nocturnal RitesSword Of Steel
Nocturnal RitesTemple Of The Dead
Nocturnal RitesTest Of Time
Nocturnal RitesThe Curse
Nocturnal RitesThe Devil 's Child
Nocturnal RitesThe Devil's Child
Nocturnal RitesThe Iron Force
Nocturnal RitesThe King 's Command
Nocturnal RitesThe King's Command
Nocturnal RitesThe Legend Lives On
Nocturnal RitesThe Sign
Nocturnal RitesThe Sinner 's Cross
Nocturnal RitesThe Sinner's Cross
Nocturnal RitesThe Vision
Nocturnal RitesThe Watcher
Nocturnal RitesUnderworld
Nocturnal RitesUnholy Powers
Nocturnal RitesUnholy Powers (Night Of The Witch)
Nocturnal RitesVengeance
Nocturnal RitesWake Up Dead
Nocturnal RitesWarrior 's Return
Nocturnal RitesWhen Fire Comes To Ice
Nocturnal RitesWinds Of Death