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Obtained EnslavementCarnal Lust
Obtained EnslavementCharge
Obtained EnslavementFrom Times In Kingdoms...
Obtained EnslavementLucifer's Lament
Obtained EnslavementMillenium Beast (Awaiting The Feast)
Obtained EnslavementNight Breed
Obtained EnslavementNightbreed
Obtained EnslavementRide The Whore
Obtained EnslavementScrolls Of The Shadowland
Obtained EnslavementSoulblight
Obtained EnslavementStepping Over Angels
Obtained EnslavementThe Dark Night Of Souls
Obtained EnslavementThe Dark Night Of The Souls
Obtained EnslavementThe Goddess ' Lake
Obtained EnslavementThe Goddess' Lake
Obtained EnslavementThe Seven Witches...
Obtained EnslavementThe Shepherd And The Hounds Of Hell
Obtained EnslavementTorned Winds From A Past Star
Obtained EnslavementUtopia Obtained
Obtained EnslavementVeils Of Wintersorrow
Obtained EnslavementVoice From A Starless Domain
Obtained EnslavementVoices From A Starless Domain
Obtained EnslavementWarlock
Obtained EnslavementWitchcraft