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Odious SanctionAlmost Everyone
Odious SanctionBitter
Odious SanctionBored With Life
Odious SanctionComplexity Mind Crank
Odious SanctionCreation Of The End
Odious SanctionCritical Error
Odious SanctionDrug Induced
Odious SanctionFailure
Odious SanctionForce Fed Hatred
Odious SanctionFuture Of Nothing
Odious SanctionImpeachment Now
Odious SanctionLive In Hate
Odious SanctionMental Torment
Odious SanctionNARC
Odious SanctionNegative World
Odious SanctionPsychotically Enraged
Odious SanctionPunishing Force
Odious SanctionPunishment Of Life
Odious SanctionRetaliate
Odious SanctionSanction Of Trust
Odious SanctionTested Sanity
Odious SanctionTormented Souls
Odious SanctionTrust No One
Odious SanctionUnstable
Odious SanctionUnstoppable War