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OmenHoly Martyr
OmenAt All Cost
OmenBattle Cry
OmenBe My Wench
OmenBounty Hunter
OmenBring Out The Beast
OmenDeath Rider
OmenDie By The Blade
OmenDon 't Fear The Night
OmenDragon 's Breath
OmenEye Of The Storm
OmenHell 's Gate
OmenIn The Arena
OmenKill On Sight
OmenLast Rites
OmenMake Me Your King
OmenMarch On
OmenPrince Of Darkness
OmenRed Horizon
OmenRuby Eyes
OmenTeeth Of The Hydra
OmenThe Axeman
OmenThe Curse
OmenWarning Of Danger
OmenThe Larch
OmenThorn In Your Flesh
OmenRuby Eyes (Of The Serpent)
OmenRadar Love
OmenNice Day For A Funeral
OmenNo Way Out
OmenKing Of The Hill
OmenIt's Not Easy
OmenHell's Gate
OmenDon't Fear The Night
OmenDragon's Breath
OmenEscape To Nowhere
OmenCry For The Morning