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PapooseA Fair One (Fat Joe Diss)
PapooseAcross The Track
PapooseAir It Out
PapooseBonnie N Clyde
PapooseBorn To Win
PapooseChange Gon' Come (50 Shots)
PapooseDouble Crosser
PapooseDrop It
PapooseGet Righ
PapooseGhetto Soldier
PapooseGo To War
PapooseHustle Hard
PapooseLaw Library
PapooseLaw Library (Part 2)
PapooseLaw Library Pt. 3
PapooseLet's Play Monopoly
PapooseMake A Difference
PapooseMenace To Society Part 2
PapooseMind Body & Soul
PapooseMixtape Murder
PapooseNew Era
PapooseRaised With Them Gangstaz
PapooseRevelations Of A Lyricist
PapooseSalute The Dream"
PapooseThat's A Good Look
PapooseThe Alphabetical Slaughter
PapooseThug Connection
PapooseTo The Right (Irreplaceable)
PapooseTrue To This Shit
PapooseVictory 2007
PapooseWhat The Fuck Is A Papoose
PapooseYou Can't Murder Me