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Pastor TroyAbout To Go Down
Pastor TroyAbove The Law
Pastor TroyAin't No Sunshine
Pastor TroyAtlanta
Pastor TroyBless America
Pastor TroyBoys To Men
Pastor TroyChampion
Pastor TroyChug-A-Lug
Pastor TroyCrazy
Pastor TroyDown South Nigga 4 Life
Pastor TroyEternal Yard Dash
Pastor TroyFace Off - Intro
Pastor TroyFor Survival
Pastor TroyFrame Me
Pastor TroyFuck Them Niggaz
Pastor TroyGhetto Raised
Pastor TroyHavin ' A Bad Day
Pastor TroyHelp Me Rhonda
Pastor TroyI 'm Made
Pastor TroyI 'm Warning Ya (Intro)
Pastor TroyI Declare War!!!
Pastor TroyI Pray For
Pastor TroyI'm Made
Pastor TroyI'm Ridin' Big Yo
Pastor TroyIf They Kill Me
Pastor TroyIntro (Walk Like Y 'all Talk It)
Pastor TroyIt 's Too Late Now, We Ready!!!
Pastor TroyIt's On Down Here
Pastor TroyIt's Too Late Now We Ready!
Pastor TroyLivin ' Today Thru...
Pastor TroyMind On My Money
Pastor TroyMove To Mars
Pastor TroyNo Mo Play In GA
Pastor TroyNo Mo Play In GA Pt. 2
Pastor TroyNo More Play In G.A.
Pastor TroyOh Father
Pastor TroyPastor Troy 4 President
Pastor TroyRepresentin '
Pastor TroyRhonda
Pastor TroyRidin ' Big
Pastor TroyShoutouts, We Ready!
Pastor TroyStop Tryin '
Pastor TroyTake Off
Pastor TroyThe Congregation
Pastor TroyThen I Got Change
Pastor TroyThis Tha City
Pastor TroyThrow Your Flags
Pastor TroyThrow Your Flags Up
Pastor TroyUniversal Soldier
Pastor TroyVica Versa
Pastor TroyWe Dem Georgia Boyz
Pastor TroyWe Ready 2000
Pastor TroyWe Want Some Answers
Pastor TroyWho, What, When, Where
Pastor TroyYou Can't Pimp Me (feat. Peter The Disciple Of D.S.G.B.)