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Paul Brandt12 Step Recovery
Paul BrandtAll Over Me
Paul BrandtCalm Before The Storm
Paul BrandtI Do
Paul BrandtI Meant To Do That
Paul BrandtMy Heart Has A History
Paul BrandtOn The Inside
Paul BrandtOne And Only One
Paul BrandtPass Me By (If You're Only Passing Through)
Paul BrandtTake It From Me
Paul BrandtA Star Is Born
Paul BrandtJingle Bells
Paul BrandtO Holy Night
Paul BrandtRun Run Rudolph
Paul BrandtSanta Looked A Lot Like Daddy
Paul BrandtSilent Night
Paul BrandtSix Tons Of Toys
Paul BrandtThe Little Drummver Boy
Paul BrandtThe Way In A Manger
Paul BrandtWhat Child Is This
Paul BrandtA Little In Love
Paul BrandtChain Reaction
Paul BrandtDry Eye
Paul BrandtI Believe You
Paul BrandtOne
Paul BrandtOutside the Frame
Paul BrandtStart Forever Over Again
Paul BrandtWe Are the One
Paul BrandtWhat's Come Over You
Paul BrandtYeah!
Paul BrandtA Love That Strong
Paul BrandtAdd 'Em All Up
Paul BrandtIt's A Beautiful Thing
Paul BrandtLet's Live It Up
Paul BrandtReally And Truly
Paul BrandtScrap Piece Of Paper
Paul BrandtThat Hurts
Paul BrandtThat's The Truth
Paul BrandtThe Sycamore Tree
Paul BrandtThere's A World Out There
Paul BrandtAlberta Bound
Paul BrandtCanadian Man
Paul BrandtConvoy
Paul BrandtCry If You Want To
Paul BrandtHome
Paul BrandtI Still Do
Paul BrandtIf This Isn't Love
Paul BrandtI'm Gonna Fly
Paul BrandtIt's All Good
Paul BrandtLeavin'
Paul BrandtLive Now
Paul BrandtPass Me By (If You're Only Passing Through)
Paul BrandtRich Man
Paul BrandtRun To Me
Paul BrandtSmall Towns And Big Dreams
Paul BrandtThere's Nothing I Wouldn't Do
Paul BrandtWhat I Want To Be Remembered For
Paul BrandtWhen You Call My Name