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Poison IdeaA.A.
Poison IdeaCastration
Poison IdeaCold Comfort
Poison IdeaCop An Attitude
Poison IdeaCult Band
Poison IdeaDeath Wish Kids
Poison IdeaDiscontent
Poison IdeaDon't Like It Here
Poison IdeaFeel The Darkness
Poison IdeaGive It Up
Poison IdeaGod Not God
Poison IdeaHot Time
Poison Idea(I Hate) Reggae
Poison IdeaIn My Headache
Poison IdeaIt's An Action
Poison IdeaLegalize Freedom
Poison IdeaLifestyles
Poison IdeaMade To Be Broken
Poison IdeaMarked For Life
Poison IdeaMotorhead
Poison IdeaMurderer
Poison IdeaNothing Is Final
Poison IdeaOne By One
Poison IdeaOut Of The Picture
Poison IdeaPlastic Bomb
Poison IdeaPure Hate
Poison IdeaPush The Button
Poison IdeaRich Get Richer
Poison IdeaRitual Chicken
Poison IdeaRomantic Self-Destruction
Poison IdeaRubber Husband
Poison IdeaSelf Abuse
Poison IdeaShort Fuse
Poison IdeaSteel Rule
Poison IdeaSubtract
Poison IdeaThe Temple
Poison IdeaThink Fast
Poison IdeaThink Twice
Poison IdeaThis Thing Called Progress
Poison IdeaThorn In My Side
Poison IdeaTime To Go
Poison IdeaTormented Imp
Poison IdeaTypical
Poison IdeaUgly American