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Project Pat528 Cash
Project Pat528-CASH
Project Pat90 Days
Project PatAggravated Robbery
Project PatAss Clap
Project PatBallers
Project PatBallers (Original)
Project PatBallers / Outro Cash Money Mix
Project PatBitch Smackin Killa
Project PatCheese and Dope
Project PatChicken Head
Project PatChoices
Project PatChoose U
Project PatChoppers
Project PatCounty Jail
Project PatDis Bitch Dat Ho
Project PatDon't Turn Around
Project PatEasily Executed
Project PatFight
Project PatGel And Weave
Project PatGhetty Green
Project PatGold Shine
Project PatGorilla Pimp
Project PatI'm Mo
Project PatIf You Ain 't From My Hood
Project PatLife We Live
Project PatMake Dat Azz Clap (Back Clap) (feat. Juvenile)
Project PatNiggas Got Me Fucked Up
Project PatNorth Memphis
Project PatNorth North
Project PatOn Nigga
Project PatOoh Nuthin '
Project PatOut There
Project PatPosse Song
Project PatRed Rum
Project PatRepresent It
Project PatRidin Clean
Project PatRinky Dink II We 're Gonna Rumble
Project PatRun A Train
Project PatShake That Ass
Project PatShut Ya Mouth, Bitch
Project PatSki Mask
Project PatSlangin' Rocks
Project PatSmoke & Get High
Project PatSo High
Project PatStop No Show
Project PatSucks On Dick
Project PatThat Drank
Project PatThis Pimp
Project PatU Know Where I'm At Boy
Project PatUp There
Project PatWe Ain 't Scared Ho
Project PatWe Can Get Gangsta
Project PatWe're Gonna Rumble
Project PatWhatever Ho
Project PatWhole Lotta Weed
Project PatY 'all Niggaz Ain 't No Killaz, Y 'all Niggaz Some Hoes
Project PatYou Know the Biss
Project PatYou Know The Biz