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Racer XStreet Lethal
Racer XSacrifice
Racer XSunlit Nights
Racer XSuperheroes
Racer XThat Hormone Thing
Racer XThe Executioner's Song
Racer XSet The World On Fire
Racer XThe Siren's Eye
Racer XTime Before The Sun
Racer XWaiting
Racer XShe Wants Control
Racer XSnakebite
Racer XMotor Man
Racer XOn The Loose
Racer XPoison Eyes
Racer XRock It
Racer XMiss Mistreater
Racer XMad At The World
Racer XMoonage Daydream
Racer XLucifer's Hammer
Racer XGodzilla
Racer XLiving The Hard Way
Racer XLoud And Clear
Racer XLet The Spirit Fly
Racer XLady Killer
Racer XGohst Dance
Racer XGolden God
Racer XInto The Night
Racer XHotter Than Fire
Racer XHeart Of A Lion
Racer XHeaven In
Racer XGone Too Far
Racer XHammer Away
Racer XGo-Gg-Go
Racer XGod Of The Sun
Racer XGive It To Me
Racer XDead Man's Shoes
Racer XFire Of Rock
Racer XGetaway
Racer XEvil Joe
Racer XEverything's Everything
Racer XEmpty Man
Racer XEndless
Racer X17th Moon
Racer XDr. X
Racer XDangerous Love
Racer XBucket Of Rocks
Racer XChildren Of The Grave
Racer XBlowin' Up The Radio
Racer XBolt In My Heart