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Raised FistAfraid
Raised FistAnd Then They Run
Raised FistBack
Raised FistBetween The Demons
Raised FistBleed Under My Pen
Raised FistBraindamage
Raised FistBreak Free
Raised FistBreak Free From The Start
Raised FistBreaking Me Up
Raised FistCity Of Cold
Raised FistDedication
Raised FistDiabolica
Raised FistDisable Me
Raised FistDisbelief
Raised FistEnvy Is Dangerous
Raised FistFlame Still Burns
Raised FistFriends And Traitors
Raised FistGet This Right!
Raised FistGive Yourself A Chance
Raised FistHertz Island Escapades
Raised FistI Have To Pretend
Raised FistIllustration Of Desperation
Raised FistKeeping It To Yourself
Raised FistKilling It
Raised FistKilling Revenues
Raised FistLesson One
Raised FistMoment Of Truth
Raised FistMonumental
Raised FistMy Last Day
Raised FistNever Negotiate
Raised FistNew Direction
Raised FistPeak
Raised FistPretext
Raised FistRespect
Raised FistRunning Man
Raised FistSlipping Into Coma
Raised FistStand Up And Fight
Raised FistThe Models On TV
Raised FistThe People Behind
Raised FistThey Can't Keep Us Down
Raised FistTime For A Changes
Raised FistTo Late To Change
Raised FistTo Make Up My Mind
Raised FistToo Late To Change
Raised FistTorn Apart
Raised FistTribute
Raised FistTwisted Debate
Raised FistUntruth
Raised FistVolcano Is Me
Raised FistWheeling
Raised FistWords And Phrases