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RascoMajor League Remix
RascoHow Many X's
RascoBack On The Scene
RascoBlood Brothaz
RascoSophisticated Mic Pros
RascoDues And Don'ts
RascoHip Hop Essentials
RascoThe Unassisted
RascoMajor League
RascoThe Unassisted (Original) / The Unassisted (Roc Raida, Rob Swift And Vin Roc Remix)
RascoMajor League (feat. DeFari And Dialated Peoples)
RascoSophisticated MC Pros
RascoHow Many X's (feat. Planet Asia)
RascoGunz Still Hot (remix) (feat. Ed O.G. & Reks)
RascoBlood Brothaz (feat. Planet Asia)