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Ratt7th Avenue
RattAll Or Nothing
RattBack For More
RattBetween The Eyes
RattBody Talk
RattBottom Line
RattCan 't Wait On Love
RattCan't Wait On Love
RattChain Reaction
RattCloser To My Heart
RattDr. Rock
RattDrive Me Crazy
RattEnough Is Enough
RattGivin ' Yourself Away
RattGivin' Yourself Away
RattHard Time
RattHard Times
RattHeads I Win, Tails You Lose
RattHold Tight
RattI Want A Woman
RattI Want It All
RattI Want To Love You Tonight
RattI'm Insane
RattIt Ain't Easy
RattIt Doesn't Matter
RattLack Of Communication
RattLay It Down
RattLive For Today
RattLooking For Love
RattLovin ' You 's A Dirty Job
RattLovin' You Is A Dirty Job
RattNever Use Love
RattNo Surprise
RattNobody Rides For Free
RattOne Step Away
RattRatt Madness
RattRound & round
RattRound And Roundr
RattScene Of The Crime
RattScratch That Itch
RattShame Shame Shame
RattShe Wants Money
RattSo Good, So Fine
RattSweet Cheater
RattTake A Chance
RattTop Secret
RattWanted Man
RattWay Cool Jr.
RattWe Don't Belong
RattWhat I'm After
RattWhat You Give Is What You Get
RattWhat's It Gonna Be
RattYou're Givin' Yourself Away
RattYou're In Love
RattYou're In Love
RattYou're In Trouble