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Ray BoltzAlways Be A Child
Ray BoltzAnother Child To Hold
Ray BoltzAt The Foot Of The Cross
Ray BoltzAwesome God
Ray BoltzBehold
Ray BoltzBethlehem Star
Ray BoltzBreak The Yoke
Ray BoltzChurch On Fire
Ray BoltzDare To Believe
Ray BoltzFallen Not Forgotten
Ray BoltzFeel The Nails
Ray BoltzGive Me Your Hand
Ray BoltzGod Gave Me Back Tomorrow
Ray BoltzGreat Is The Lord
Ray BoltzHe's Alive
Ray BoltzHere Comes A Miracle
Ray BoltzI 've Come To Serve
Ray BoltzI Believe In Bethlehem
Ray BoltzI Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb
Ray BoltzIf That Isn't Love
Ray BoltzIs There A Heaven For Me
Ray BoltzIsaiah 53
Ray BoltzLet's Begin Again
Ray BoltzLion Of Judah
Ray BoltzOh, What A Beautiful Name
Ray BoltzOne Drop Of Blood
Ray BoltzPeople Need The Lord
Ray BoltzRise Again
Ray BoltzScars
Ray BoltzSent By The Father
Ray BoltzShepard Boy
Ray BoltzShepherd Boy
Ray BoltzSomeone Stood Up For Stephen
Ray BoltzStill Her Little Child
Ray BoltzTake Up Your Cross
Ray BoltzThank You
Ray BoltzThe Altar
Ray BoltzThe Anchor Holds
Ray BoltzThe Hammer
Ray BoltzThe King Is Coming
Ray BoltzThe Perfect Tree
Ray BoltzThe Sinner's Prayer
Ray BoltzThere Stood A Lamb
Ray BoltzThis Is America
Ray BoltzThrough It All
Ray BoltzTouching Him
Ray BoltzWatch The Lamb
Ray BoltzWe Will Stand
Ray BoltzWhat If I Give All
Ray BoltzWhat Was I Supposed To Be
Ray BoltzWhen Her Eyes Are On The Child
Ray BoltzWhere I Met Jesus