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Richard CheeseBaby Got Back
Richard CheeseCome Out And Play (Originally By Offspring)
Richard CheeseCreep (Originally By Radiohead)
Richard CheeseDo Me (Bell Biv Devoe)
Richard CheeseDown With The Sickness
Richard CheeseFight For Your Right (Originally By Beastie Boys)
Richard CheeseGuerilla Radio (Originally By Rage Against The Machine)
Richard CheeseHoliday In Cambodia (Originally By Dead Kennedys)
Richard CheeseOnly Happy When It Rains (Originally By Garbage)
Richard CheeseRape Me (Originally By Nirvana)
Richard CheeseSmack My Bitch Up
Richard CheeseSuck My Kiss (Originally By Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Richard CheeseWhat's My Age Again (Originally By Blink-182)
Richard CheeseWrong Way (Originally By Sublime)